Disaster risk management is now gaining more attention, especially after the adoption of the Sendai Framework on Disaster Risk Reduction at a United Nations conference in 2015. Over the course of the next decade, this framework aims to reduce the risk of disasters that can cause a loss of lives and hurt economies.

A 2015 European Union peer review of disaster risk management systems in Bulgaria highlighted the need to develop a more holistic system to address possible dangers. In 2018, the Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water conducted an assessment of disaster risk management in the Varna region, identifying high risks of floods, earthquakes and wildfires. In the area of risk management globally, there is a shift away from the approach of responding to disasters after they have occurred to one of total risk management. This new approach calls for managing disaster risk holistically and continually


 In addition, our experts compared the Varna region’s plan with those of other similar areas in Europe to identify areas for improvement.

The Advisory Hub’s support helped the administration to gauge the best approach when developing the roadmap for the region’s Integrated Disaster Risk Management Plan and ensure the best use of limited resources.

With the help of the Advisory Hub, the Varna regional administration can be confident in its ability to manage disaster risks regardless of the cause, size, location or complexity.