The region of Flanders in Belgium has a bus system that operates with about 4,000 buses, and only 10% currently use clean energy. The Flemish Ministry of Mobility and Public Works and the public transport operator De Lijn have a plan to make the fleet significantly greener by 2025. So the Ministry asked the Advisory Hub to help accelerate the process.


Converting to green buses, compared to the continued use of diesel ones, is an expensive investment, since it must include refuelling and recharging infrastructure investments.

The advisory assignment will review the options for converting the fleet to clean buses including technical advisory on the various alternate-fuel vehicles, technical advisory on the refuelling or recharging infrastructure and the location of this infrastructure, and financial advisory on the financial structuring of the conversion programme. The advisory results are expected to support the creation of a master plan for the Greening of Public Transport that will make daily life better for citizens and enable Flanders to speed up its transition to green buses.