All the major infrastructure, services and products that make a difference to our daily lives started off as a project. Behind every bridge, highway, hospital and school lies a complex investment plan. These projects are often sizeable undertakings and need a clear and efficient road to implementation. Projects usually follow several major stages, including programming, identification, formulation, implementation, evaluation and auditing.


With the support of the European Investment Advisory Hub, the ministry designed the new role of national programme manager who is in charge of coordinating, identifying and prioritising public infrastructure projects. Building on the experiences of other countries, the Hub experts offered a series of optional governance models for the national programme manager, as well as recommendations regarding the office’s mandate and focus. Experts mobilised by the Hub helped the ministry identify appropriate job profiles and a governance model.

The ministry is now developing a pilot structure that will devise sectoral and thematic policies for regional development, with a special focus on mountainous areas, cities and islands.